Ice Stupa Village Morteratsch/GR
Alteration 2-family house Anderegg-Bigger, Kloster/GR
Alteration project Casa Mora, Sardinia, Italy
Project Water Management Switzerland - Ladakh(India) and Project Ice Stupa
Winner in competition: New building for the mental hospital "Waldhaus" in Chur/GR
Shop design "Kinderwerkeria" Claudia Clavuot, Chur/GR
Children day care nursery "Montalin", Chur/GR
Development planning new residential district Pussanal-Zwy, Fanas/GR
2011 - 2017
Pulvermühle Chur development: 1st prize in invited competition: 150 dwelling units with shops, offices and climbing centre for AXA Winterthur life insurance
Appreciation for “Good Architecture in Eastern Switzerland” 2018
2016 Winner of Development residential district Pussanal-Zwy, Fanas/GR
Alteration project Mengiardi residence, Chur/GR
Holiday house for Blue Cross, Praden/GR
Fire station in St. Moritz/GR
Single familiy house Kreher Starkermann in Uetliburg/SG; not executed
Winner of competion for senior residences in Illanz/GR; in process

Alteration Apartment Starkermann Bochsler in Baden/ZH

Single family building Carboni-Brot in Rhäzüns/GR


Apartment building Buchli, Chur/GR


Kuoni house at Lago Maggiore/TI:
Nominated for national award „The best single-family house in Switzerland“, Ideales Heim 2013
Casa Dado Apartment building Büchi, Flims/GR  
Fashion Shop facade in Chur/GR
Various Studies for St.Moritz municipality
Conversion of Kasper flat Chur/GR

2011 Shop design „Werkeria“ for Claudia Clavuot, Chur/GR
2010 - 2016

Visiting  professor for master course „Cultural Sustainability in the Alpine Region“ Liechtenstein University, Vaduz
Project for Single-family house Berther, Alvaneu/GR. Not executed.
Project for Business centre Sesvenna in Chur/GR. Not executed.

2009 - 2010

Alteration and renovation Bisaz apartment building, Chur/GR
Production facilities for bakery business Merz, Chur/GR
Awarded regional timber construction prize „Graubünden Holz Sonderpreis Holzhandwerk“ 2012; Honorary mention in national timber construction award „Prix Lignum 2012"

2008 - 2010

Landscaping Design of flood prevention measures in Churwalden/GR:

Award for good building in Canton Graubünden 2013

Honorable Mention „Premio Fare Paesaggio“ 2016


Café and Bistro Mühlbach in Chur/GR
Take Away café Merz in Chur train station
Public meeting area „Fauteuil“ in the village of Flims


Extension to Wielath apartment building in Chur/GR
Publication of book about my architectural work “Conradin Clavuot, Architekt”, published by Niggli Verlag
Shop design „Zanetti“ in Chur train station
Single family house Röthe-Holenstein in Lenz/GR

2006 - 2007 Reconstruction planning after fire in the village of Flims/GR

Garden pavillion and parking Clavuot - Merz in Chur/GR
Alteration project Widmer house in Arosa/GR
Lugano train station: 1st prize in competition for alteration of main building and extension. Not executed.

Restoration of multiple dwellings Eichenberger Pujol in Chur/GR

2004 - 2008 Otto und Alex“: Mixed use buildings in Chur/GR:
Special mention for the best buildings in the canton of Grisons 2013
2003 - 2006

Visiting professor at ETH Zurich, Architecture department
Development and mentorship of 2 winning entries in international student competition by Detail magazine 2006/07


Shop alteration of „werk a r t e n“ card and jewellery shop Clavuot/Bochsler in Chur/GR
Extension to Menghini house in Domat/Ems/GR
Fire station in St.Peter/GR

2001 - 2002

Steiner Engadine house alteration in Guarda/GR
Liver-Hornauer single-family house in Thusis/GR
Clavuot-Merz single-family house in Haldenstein/GR
Raselli-Kalt single-family house in Li Curt/GR:
1st prize-winner in national distinction „Das Beste Einfamilienhaus in der Schweiz“,  Ideales Heim Magazine, 2005

2000 - 2006

Development and design of Chur station; 1st prize in competition, executed.
International Brunel Award 2011

1999 - 2000

Rossboden Garage car dealership and garage in Chur/GR
Wieland-Held single-family house in Felsberg/GR
Distinction for Architecture in the Grisons region  „Gute Bauten im Kanton Graubünden“ 2001 und International award for contemporary alpine Architecture „Internationale Auszeichnung für Neues Bauen in den Alpen“ 2006, Sexten/Italy
Vonow house conversion in Praden/GR

1996 St.Moritz ice rink, 1st prize in competition. In collaboration with Giuliani & Hönger architects, Zurich. Disapproved in public election in 1998.
1994 - 1998

School complex in St.Peter/GR, 1st prize in competition, executed.
1st prize in swiss timber construction award „prix lignum“ 1999 “ and International award for contemporary alpine Architecture „Internationale Auszeichnung für Neues Bauen in den Alpen“ 2000, Sexten/Italy.

1995 Extension to Dr. Heinz residence in Chur/GR
1993 - 1994

Vorderprättigau substation, Seewis/GR.
Distinction for Architecture in the Grisons region  „Gute Bauten im Kanton Graubünden“ and International award for contemporary alpine Architecture „Internationale Auszeichnung für Neues Bauen in den Alpen“ 1995, Sexten/Italy

since 1991

Married and today father of 4 grown-up children.


Editor / Author of book about powerstations in the region of Grisons „Die Kraftwerkbauten im Kanton Graubünden“.

Published by Verlag Bündner Monatsblatt. In Collaboration with Jürg Ragettli, architect, Chur.

1989 - 1998

Fitness centre Raselli/Lardi in Le Prese/GR
Garden pavillion Clavuot in Chur/GR
Alteration project Merz residence in Fextal/GR
Alteration project Wyss residence in Cortébert/BE
Ruch hairdressers’ shop in Andeer/GR (in collaboration with Christian Kerez)
Kupferschmiede apartment building conversion in Chur/GR
Thür semi-detached house in Klosters/GR
Alcove extension to Plüss residence in Chur/GR

1988 Set up of own practice in Chur/GR
1982 - 1987 Academic Studies of Architecture at ETH Zurich; Diploma in 1988 at Studio Prof. Fabio Reinhart,
Assistant Miroslav Šik und Luca Ortelli
1975 - 1982 Grammar school, university-entrance diploma at Chur Kantonsschule.
1962 Born in Davos/GR/Switzerland, raised in Chur/Schweiz. Citizenship of Zernez and Chur/GR